Vacances, tourisme et sport

Vacances, tourisme et sport

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Faire de la plongée sous-marine dans la mer Rouge, emprunter le fameux GR20, le chemin de randonnée qui traverse les montagnes corses du nord au sud, suivre le circuit pédestre qui vous emmène vers le volcan de la Fournaise à La Réunion, ou encore grimper en haut de l’un des sommets de l’Himalaya ou de la Cordillère des Andes, voilà qui permet d’allier avec logique les vacances, le tourisme et le sport.

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  8. I loved Erin’s comments! The importance of not bombarding ourselves with these images, yet remembering that they are people. Just like it is easy to see a homeless person and think “homeless” instead of seeing a person who just might need our help. Probably not the greatest analogy, but it’s how I see it!

  9. We don’t do much if that here. I am not sure if it’s because I have to plan ahead for that and travel a bit or if its because I have 5 kids and not enough hours in the day.I do a lot of baking with the kids though. (bad for the diet though) LOLCan’t wait to meet up with you. Will email you with the details of my trip.

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  28. Jill D. — I miss the characters, too. And, yes, the lunch burger IS awesome! We also like the pot roast at lunch, and the current pasta dish is very good. Plus, how can you go wrong with Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake?!JoAnn — Yes! Great choice!Carolyn — $5 is a great price for one of those; they’re very substantial! What’s your menu pick for lunch?Lenore — YES! You guys will have a blast.

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  33. You give us a good reminder, Linda. I’m afraid in this age of technology, many of us will not take the time to write our stories. And many of us who do, may be fearful of being honest. If that is true, so much will be lost.

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