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  3. I've been tempted to go back to the co-workers whom I told the reasons why I would not vote for Obama and say, "I told you so." At the time I didn't even have the advantage of reading Sultan Knish, because I had not yet stumbled upon this blog. In looking at the picture of Obama bowing to the king of SA has anyone else noticed the look of extreme amusement on the face of the king? Maybe it's just my imagination.Debra

  4. This post is so near to the heart of what I have been praying. I feel I am no good if I am not doing what Jesus did. I really want to touch people. I have been seeking out to do that. BUT, in order to do that, you have to get out there, the way Jesus did. That is the reason he often had no place for His head. He was so caught up in being there for them, and at days end He found himself in their community, their beds, so to speak, whatever that was, a stone, a bare floor. He just did whatever to reach the broken and didn’t care.

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  20. Hi Sarah, there is a new FAQ video coming out this saturday on this post that should help. What colour did you use? Gel / powder / liquid? Did you weigh the ingredients or use cups – if cups were they australian cup sizes -250ml for 1 cup? It works still with USA cups 237ml but works better with the 250ml size. On the FAQ video I explain how to do a’practice’ batch – this is what I would suggest.

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  40. white people are funny. it took a white guy like Moore to put it plainly: they're all really, really afraid someone will hold them responsible for their actions as racists. so askeert, they'll make up whole ideologies and do crazy stuff to distract people from the bald truth of their history. iz fugly, yo. and they know it. i'm always amused when they run away from it. nope, sorry, bitches. it'll be true tomorrow. it'll be true 10 years from now. and it will be true when nobody remembers what the word "race" even means. all ideologies die, in time.

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  227. Well, Bush started AFRICOM…and he also is on record as the president who has given the most federal dollars to the continent.Somehow I think the cheap oil that the Chinese are getting is more important. Bravo to John Lewis and a;; the people who keep this issue i the forefront of the minds of many.What’s the next move?I say John Lewis should buy a pirogue and go hijack some tankers or cargo ships. You get good PR if you pick one with an American flag.

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  230. I like to think of what I call a character’s “poetry.” This is where this light and darkness, to use Brandon’s words, collide. This is where the struggle is and where stories take place.

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