La course d’orientation, un sport pour la tête et les jambes 

La course d’orientation,  un sport pour la tête et les jambes 

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par Anita Viel

Connaissez-vous le nom d’un sportif français treize fois champion du monde dans sa discipline dans les treize dernières années ? Il s’agit de Thierry Gueorgiou, un orienteur, c’est-à-dire un sportif qui pratique la course d’orientation. Malgré ses médailles, peu de gens le connaissent car la course d’orientation (CO) n’est malheureusement pas un sport très présent dans les médias. Pourtant, c’est une activité qui a tout pour plaire !

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  80. Wow. You would never know that the country was spiralling into a depression almost worse than what we named the ‘Great Depression’. Nothing like spending the states tax dollars on an unnecessary program that will neither stop the bickering between parents and coaches nor will it solve the issue of parents living their dreams throught their children. But hey, who am i to say anything. I am not an elected official. I think I am too smart to become one.

  81. of Obama and his minions.I don't think Obama tried to "divide violent Islamism from political Islamism" but rather, tried to provide cover for the expansion of Islam period. Whether Islam grows by violence or politics is the same death sentence for non-Muslims. That Obama has so many Muslims in key positions that affect security decisions and training *should* be grounds for trying Obama for treason.

  82. “not feeding your dog cheap food.” I’ve been guilty of this, but I am learning (mostly from ThePhillyDog) how some brands are so much better than others. A lot of people don’t consider the long term costs of caring for an animal. We don’t feed our kids junk; why are dogs any different?

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  89. I’m with Jess on this. If she wants to see other people, take a break. Don’t stay hoping that she will not sleep with someone else. It will hurt but she’s already half way separated from you in her mind. Maybe she is not as serious about things as you are, save yourself the heartache and let her know that you care about her but if she wants to see other people you won’t stand around like a spare tire. Otherwise you’re only setting yourself up to be stepped on and hurt.

  90. Bem-vindo, L. Alves de Fraga! Talvez tenha razão e « uma metáfora é quando » seja apenas um início de frase um tanto deselegante… como já o Jaime havia sugerido. Em todo o caso, penso que « obrigarmo-nos » a definir um termo por meio de um outro que possa servir como seu sinónimo é um bom exercício mental, que aumenta a destreza vocabular.

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  93. Sie sich nichts aus Topitsch. Schon so mancher – drücken wir es einmal umgänglicher aus – Cretin hat in ihm seinen Guru gefunden, auf dessen tatsächlich nicht letztbegründeten Setzungen und teilweise wirklich hanebüchenem Unsinn (zur Dialektik speziell und zur Metaphysik allgemein), dann so manch verfehlte Gedankengebäude gezimmert wurden.


  95. oooooh. I liked the one with the spiritualist… summary: Beware of bad furniture, it can stop the house sale.. even if it’s hidden in the garage. (I’m sure the new carpet and 10% drop in asking had nothing to do with really..) – Rate this comment: 0  0

  96. FoxyGirl – We don’t know what good coffee is where I live…not that I care, I don’t drink it! But I’m told…Liz – I love the idea too. There should be writers-in-residence all over the place, IMO.Oslo – I just hate their little soundbitey gems. Yes, it’s great for Sebabatian Barry but the State didn’t get him there. He did that all by himself!!Davey – welcome! And congrats on the book and the residency. I hope the novel is getting there for you.I have a copy of ‘Frothy’ but others may want to order, so thanks for the info.

  97. 70min charge time….that is a bit long considering others have 30 min charge times. I can have another battery ready and fully charged, so the 1/3 more battery life is not a benefit. If you add a brushless tool to the mix it skews the numbers even more.

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